Saundra Bryant

Saundra (or Sandie, as she is affectionately called) has been behind the microphone since 1979, but her introduction to square dancing came almost twenty years earlier. Sandie's accomplishments are on-going. She is on the staff of AACE (Academy for Advanced and Challenge Enthusiasts) and various festivals. Sandie lives in the Chicago area and calls dance programs from Mainstream through C-4. She is the club caller for ChiTown Squares, and has been a regular caller at IAGSDC conventions and GLBT fly-ins. Sandie is a member of Callerlab, and has called at events across the USA as well as in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Sweden. Sandie, along with Anne Uebelacker, is sometimes known as part of the Evil Twins. Sandie is “the one with the low voice.”
Member of the Gay Callers Association

Vic Ceder

Vic started dancing in 1973 in a teen club where he met his wife Debbie. (Debbie is famous for her own appearances at IAGSDC conventions, especially her entry for the HTQ competition). Vic and Debbie have made calling a family affair, and his lovely daughter will often be seen in attendance at our conventions with her parents.

Vic is a long-time favorite at GLBT fly-ins around the country (especially in Palm Springs), as well as numerous IAGSDC conventions. He is a self-taught caller and has never attended a caller's school. He has called in 20 states, 7 countries (other than the USA), and at the straight National Square Dance Conventions in Birmingham (1985), Houston (1987), and Anaheim (1988). Vic is currently a permanent staff caller at the National Advanced & Challenge Square Dance Convention.

Debbie and Vic are the authors of "A Ceder Chest Of C3 Square Dance Definitions", "A Ceder Chest Of C1 And C2 Square Dance Definitions", and "A Ceder Chest of A1 & A2 Square Dance Definitions. " He has written several widely-used square dance related computer programs, notably the Ceder Square Dance System and the Couple Rotation Program.

Member of the Gay Callers Association

Barry Clasper

Barry lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife Pam. They started dancing in 1973. Barry started calling in 1984 when a local C2 tape group asked for help with some things they couldn't find on teaching tapes. He figured if he was going to write material to help them, he might as well call it. He now calls from Basic through C4. He strives to produce smooth danceable choreography flavored with a bit of unusual positioning to create a dance experience containing both physical and mental elements.

Barry has called in 7 Canadian provinces, DC, and 26 U.S. states, as well as Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, England and the Czech Republic. He's also a staff caller with the Academy for Advanced and Challenge Enthusiasts (AACE). Barry is a member of the Board of Governors of CALLERLAB.
Member of the Gay Callers Association

Randy Dougherty

Randy has enjoyed the wonderful world of square dancing for almost 50 years. From 1979 to 1986, he called on a regular basis for seven home clubs in the Twin Cities area, and broadened his traveling circuit to include much of the United States and many foreign countries. In 1986, Randy left Minnesota for the warmer climate of Arizona where he ran a busy dance program in Mesa during the winter season. In 2009 Randy moved his winter program to Pharr, TX where he calls all levels from Beginners through C3A for the many friendly Winter Texans that flock to the Square Dance Capital of the World. Throughout his career, Randy has recorded hits for many record companies and is currently on the very popular Royal Records label. To date he has attended, and called for, nearly 40 straight National Conventions.

Bill Eyler

Bill Eyler and his husband Danny Lee live in Cathedral City, California.

Bill started square dancing at the ripe old age of 29 in 1983, becoming hooked on social dancing. Between then and 1987, he had learned line dancing, contras, clogging, country-western dance, Latin dance, and round dancing. Square dancing became his passion. In 1984 he was tapped to take over teaching lessons for the Wilde Bunch, never having had instruction on how to do so, but found some natural talents he didn’t know existed. Because of that passion, he dove in, soon being asked to call for local clubs, then fly-ins, then conventions and in 2013, as an instructor for the GCA school.

Bill has enjoyed many firsts as a caller and instructor, counting his dance friends among the thousands. Bill is known for his “West-Coast Hexagons” as well as his repertoire of historical Modern Western Square Dance calls.

Member of the Gay Callers Association.

Hunter Keller

Hunter had been around square dancing all of his life, having been dragged from dance to dance by his grandparents and parents. After the death of his grandfather in 2002, he decided that he wanted to do something that would always remind him of his hero, and decided to start taking square dance lessons. Six months later he picked up a microphone and began calling. He eventually became the caller for four clubs, the Magic Diamonds, the 59ers, the Hoedowners, and the Checkerboard Squares. He called his first festival in July of 2007 in California and has also called in Japan, Germany, Australia, Canada, Belgium and Taiwan. Hunter’s influences include his grandparents, Frank & Shirley Leenknecht, renowned callers Joe Saltel, Tony Oxendine, Jerry Story, Ken Bower, Gary Shoemake, and too many more to name. Hunter calls Mainstream through A2, and now resides in Menifee, California.
Member of the Gay Callers Association

Gary Monday


Gary began calling in 1984 at age 19 in Asheville, NC. His parents started dancing in 1981 and he tagged along occasionally. One night at a Plus dance they needed one “boy” dancer to fill a square. After the 3rd tip, he realized he had been paying attention during his parent’s classes and workshops and knew all the calls except Linear Cycle. He taught his first Mainstream class in 1984 and fell in love with teaching and calling, having attended a caller’s school at Copecrest Square Dance resort that year. He and his partner Ben moved to Seattle, WA in October, 2011, and they are both members of Puddletown Squares. Gary calls Mainstream through C-2, and is now enjoying calling for several of the clubs in the Pacific Northwest. He has called for a number of IAGSDC affiliated clubs over the years, as well as special monthly dances, fly-ins and the 2011 IAGSDC convention in Atlanta and 2012 convention in Vancouver.
Member of the Gay Callers Association.

Terri Sherrer


Terri started dancing in 1990 in Alabama and started calling in 2003. She calls Basic thru C-1. In 2005, she moved to Palm Springs and quickly became a part of the local square dancing scene. She currently calls for the Windmill Twirlers of Palm Springs, the Sun City Dancers of Palm Desert and has an Advanced dancers’ group in Tujunga CA associated with the Bloomin’ Squares. She has also called for various IAGSDC affiliated clubs and other clubs up and down the west coast. She loves to teach new dancers and believes in encouraging dancers to dance to their best level. Her motto is “There are no mistakes in Square Dancing only Memory Making so let’s make those the best ever.” Terri is a member of Callerlab.
Member of the Gay Callers Association.

Cliff Simpson


Cliff first began Square Dance lessons in 1960 and his calling career began in 1969. He has called in 43 States, Canada, Mexico,and Japan. Cliff and his wife Peggy have taken dancers on many Square Dance Cruises and trips. He has called at numerous National Square Dance Conventions. This is his first appearance at an IAGSDC Convention. Cliff is a full-time Caller and has traveled extensively throughout the Southwest. He is a member of Callerlab and a past Chairman of the Advanced Committee.

Cliff began calling for the Palm Springs Boots In Squares Club in 2001 and is currently their club caller. He has been a featured caller at several of their Swing Thru The Palms Fly-Ins and a huge supporter of the Gay Community.
Member of the Gay Callers Association.

Anne Uebelacker

Barely out of kindergarten herself, Anne started calling in 1976 for a children's group and progressed to calling for all dancing levels from Basic to C-4. Anne is the club caller for Squares Across the Border. She also maintains a busy traveling schedule on the weekends that may find her calling anywhere from Vancouver to Florida, Boston to San Francisco and internationally from Japan to Europe. As well as being a shining star at IAGSDC Conventions, she has called for the Canadian Challenge Convention, the National Challenge Convention, and the Academy of Advanced and Challenge Enthusiasts. As part of the Evil Twins (with Sandie Bryant), she is the one with the “less deep” voice.
Member of the Gay Callers Association

Additional Callers

Trail-In Dance Callers, Friday, June 30 (sponsored by All Join Hands Foundation, Ltd.)

Darren Gallina

Darren hails from Lompoc, CA, where be began square dancing at the age of thirteen. Darren called his first full dance for the Valley Whirlers Square Dance Club in Santa Maria at age 15. His parents, who also were square dancers, had to take him to that first dance because he didn't have a driver's license yet! Soon thereafter, he became their Club Caller. For the past 30 years, Darren called for clubs and festivals all over the state of California, and various cities in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and British Columbia, Canada. He currently keeps busy calling for many clubs throughout Southern California, calls and teaches for the IAGSDC Club, Cuesta Squares, in San Luis Obispo, California.

Member of the Gay Callers Association

Mike Seastrom

Mike Seastrom has been dancing since 1960, and calling since 1963. He started dancing after losing a bet to his mother and calling when he tried to show his 6th grade teacher what “square dancing was really like”. He taught his first class in 1963 after borrowing money from his folks to buy a small sound system and was able to pay them back before the class was over. Mike teaches and calls Basic through C-1, with some C2 star tips. Mike currently teaches for the Buckles & Bows. After receiving his doctorate in dentistry in 1976, Mike joined CALLERLAB in 1977, and has been Chairman of several committees, having served on the Board of Governors from 1984 to 2003, and completed a two-year term as the CALLERLAB Chairman of the Board in 1994.

Fun Badge Tour Caller

Calvin Hollis

Currently a resident of Wisconsin, Calvin hails from Oklahoma where he got his start calling at age 16. Fourteen years later, Calvin still gets people moving with his exuberant style, from Basic through A-2.  He has been a featured caller at state festivals in Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas. He travels often to call for clubs across the country and many district festivals. He will be featured at various IAGSDC clubs during this next year.  Calvin is excited to make his IAGSDC convention debut in Palm Springs.