Special Events

The full convention dance program is provided on the Schedule page. But there is more than just square dancing going on! These are the confirmed extra events going on before and during the convention.

Hunky Trunks King Competition Returns!

Absent for a number of years, the Hunky Trunks King competition is returning at our convention!

Many of you may remember that for 3 years conventions included a Hunky Trunks King poolside competition. This year, we will bring back this treasure trove of eye candy. Anyone wearing trunks and who likes the term “Hunky,” may enter. The contest is not gender specific. Really! Anyone can enter. Just strut your stuff around the pool Sunday afternoon and get those moments of stardom you KNOW you were born for.

For questions about participation, contact Miss Belle Watling (former one-quarter Honky Tonk Queen; anyone remember the Christmas Belles?) at HTK@palmsprings2017.org. Belle will “most graciously” answer any and all inquiries about the contest. For more information see this flyer.

Honky Tonk Queen Competition

A Message from Your Reigning Honky Tonk Queen:

Calling all Queens, old ones, new ones, and soon to be contestant ones! Help me make this a show to remember. In keeping with the convention theme, there's a twist!

On Friday, there will be a pool side parade! I, in all my glamour, will be joined by all contestants, old Queens and the Bathing Beauties. We will strut our stuff! Bathing suits are not required, but remember darlings, it is Palm Springs ... think fun in the sun!

On Saturday take a journey through the looking glass to a time of Hollywood's past stars and back again. I am hoping to create some of the joy from past Honky Tonk Queen shows.

Contestants: Please contact me with questions about the upcoming contest.

Old Queens, Bathing Beauties and Others: Please contact me with ideas, suggestions, and your willingness to help me produce a Palm Springs spectacular.

I am available by convention e-mail (HTQ@palmsprings2017.org) and phone if needed. Please e-mail first and I will send my phone number to you because Lord knows being free elicits a lot of attention!
Sincerely, Your Cheap and Easy Reigning Queen ... Miss Freeda Evryone.

Editor’s Note: This year the Honky Tonk Queen contest will convene Friday afternoon poolside for Freeda’s preliminary Parade of Talent.

Calling all Bathing Beauties and Old Queens

Freeda E. (your reigning Honky Tonk Queen) and Miss Belle Watling (Hunky Trunks King co-creator, and old lone-quarter Honky Tonk Queen), in coordination with Flo Motion (aka Jim, of our PS S&M ’17 Entertainment Committee) would like as many Old Queens and Bathing Beauties to join us poolside each afternoon for the various festivities we have planned including the Friday poolside Parade of Talent, HTQ and HTK contests, pool tips and poolside tea dances. We need your glamour and star quality to make these events as memorable as what’s-her-name, you know, that queen from a long time ago??? Please plan on bringing your finery, and contact us at HTQ@palmsprings2017.org and/or HTK@palmsprings2017.org or JimF@palmsprings.2017.org.

Chill Out At Hunters Bar! (No charge!)

Thursday, June 29: Windmill Twirlers welcomes you to a special Pre-Convention Dance in association with the Palm Springs Village Fest Street Fair. This signature Palm Springs city event is a chance to walk the streets of downtown, browse the vendors selling everything from organic food, to local handicrafts, while strolling through music and other vendors with local appeal. Hunters, located in the heart of the gay bar area on Arenas. Your caller, Terri Sherrer, will be calling Mainstream thru Advanced, with a C1 star tip. Windmill Twirlers is offering this dance at no charge.
After dancing, stay and enjoy the crowd at Hunters, or venture across the street for the stripper boys at Chill. Men and women are welcome; cover charge has been reduced to $5 for convention attendees.

Both bars are located about 3-4 blocks from the host hotel, or a quick taxi/Uber/Lyft ride away.

Country Western Hoedown!

Also included in your registration, we will offer a Country Western Hoedown. The event will be open to the local County Western/Line Dance community at no charge. The dance will be held at the Convention Center. Practice your two-step, cowboy cha-cha, cowboy waltz and line dances. Mix it up with some of the local gay dancers and friends.

Contra Dance!

Saturday, July 1: The convention schedule now includes a contra dance on Saturday night, called by the ever-fabulous Andy Shore. Andy will call and teach contras accompanied by The Sycopaths, a live band. No previous experience necessary! Enjoy this related form of dance. Contras are a dance sequence of movements similar to square dance calls that repeat usually in 32-beat patterns. Each couple dances with all other couples in the contra line. It is very interactive, flirtatious, fun and easy to learn. This Contra session is included with your registration. Local community contra dancers who are not registered for convention are invited to join in the fun at no charge.

Venturing Outside -
Poolside Activities and Retro Disco Dance Parties

You never have to go outdoors at our convention. However, if you do venture out to the pool, be prepared to jump into some real cool fun. PS S&M '17 will offer several sessions of Pool Tips, called by our staff callers, who may just get a little wet doing so. Participants will earn a Ducky Dangle.

Be prepared for appearance from some of your favorite “old queens” and watch the illustrious return of the Bathing Beauties adding glamour to the pool deck.

Join in the Retro Disco Tea Dances. If you were ever interested in attending “Club Skirts, The Dinah Shore party”…the women’s golf weekend social event, or if you ever wanted to attend a White Party circuit party, join in for ur own version of these popular and well-attended Palm Springs classics at our hotel poolside Tea Dances.

"Tips at the Top" - Top of the Tram Dinner-Dance
Featuring Saundra Bryant and Kris Jensen

saundrakriswhiteWednesday, June 28: Our excursion for a Dinner-Dance to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is currently sold out. If you are a ticket-holder, join us at 4 pm at the front of the hotel for bus departure. You will experience a fantastic afternoon and evening venturing to the top of Mount Jacinto, with an elevation over 8000 feet! You will have time for photos, a nature walk, state park exhibits, and dinner. After dinner, you will dance to the internationally acclaimed callers Saundra Bryant (Chicago) and Kris Jensen (Albuquerque), calling all levels from Mainstream through Challenge. You will return to valley floor and hotel at approximately 10 pm.