Welcome to Palm Springs Swing & Mix!

30 June - 3 July, 2017
With Pre and Post Events 27 June - 4 July


Check the Schedule page for CALLER and CLUB PHOTO schedules, in addition to DANCE and EVENT schedules. These are close to final, but there may still be a few changes - a final, final schedule will be available at registration. Guidebook will also have the latest schedules.


We will not be able to deliver printed items in time for convention, but you can have them waiting for you at home when you return! Order now from our MERCHANDISE section.


There is still space on some of the convention tours - reserve now! Check our the list of tours in the TOURS section.


The Guidebook app will provide updates throughout the convention to schedules and events and more. See the installation instructions for more information.


Can you volutneer some time? See the VOLUNTEERS page for information on volunteering.

The Palm Springs Swing & Mix 2017 Organizing Committee, hereinafter referred to as PS S&M 2017, is excited to welcome you to the 34th annual IAGSDC square dance convention here in beautiful Palm Springs, California. Our working motto is, “Everything you expect at an IAGSDC convention – with a twist !” We promise you an incredible convention with all your favorite features and a few surprises we know you will love. Palm Springs Swing & Mix 2017 could very well be the “hottest” time you’ll ever have at a square dance convention !

Our convention is endorsed by the two local clubs, Boots In Squares and Windmill Twirlers. We look forward to working with the LGBTQ* dance community and our straight friends and dance buddies to create a welcoming event for all who seek to dance together at this desert oasis.

Our Host hotel, the Renaissance Palm Springs is sold out for the 3 prime nights of convention. Our Overflow hotel, the Hilton Palm Springs is located one block away and offers the same hotel room rates. Click here for more information on the Hilton for NEW RESERVATIONS, as well as contact info for the Renaissance for EXISTING RESERVATIONS.

Did you see our fabulous video presentation at the Maple Leafs Regroup (Toronto 2016 convention)? If not, click below and learn about our host hotel, room rates, callers - and everything else you need to know. Then rush to the IAGSDC website to register! (IAGSDC login required).


Regarding heat…our convention will be held at the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel contiguous with the Palm Springs Convention Center. You will never have to leave the air conditioned premises unless you want to.

If you need to contact us, click HERE.

Check back here frequently to see what has changed. Our Latest News! section will contain important announcements.

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Please follow the Palm Springs Swing & Mix 2017 Facebook page as another source of convention information. Thanks to our Facebook master, Clem Clarke-Ianiero for making this page possible and keeping it updated.

How to add GUIDEBOOK app to your Smartphone

We are happy to announce that you can download our app for continuous and updated changes in convention activity now through the entire convention. Simply go to www.guidebook.com and download the Guidebook app onto your SmartPhone. Then search for the Palm Springs Swing & Mix Guide in the Guidebook app. Once you open it you can use it to customize your own schedule or view any and all important convention information.


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