Check at registration for UPDATED SCHEDULES, or check the GuideBook app on your phone. These schedules are only correct on 6/30/17, and may have late changes to them:

Confirmed Special Events

We are proud to offer some new themed Signature Events to our schedule. Watch the Latest News! page for reminders of how to register for the various events. For events requiring registration, minimum sign-ups may be necessary in order to provide an event and we reserve the right to adjust the schedule offerings based on numbers of registrants.
Come early in the week and stay through Fourth of July festivities as we are planning a swinging gay old time! The city of Palm Springs has many attractions in addition to our Pre-Convention and Post-Convention activities, so make vacation plans to come early and stay on after convention.

  • White Party poolside themed Retro Disco Dances – Friday, Sunday & Monday afternoons, poolside, with DJ Bobby
  • Pool Tips – Friday, Sunday & Monday afternoons, poolside
  • Pre-convention “Chill Out” Dance at Hunters Bar on Arenas Avenue – Thursday, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, with caller, Terri Sherrer, sponsored by Windmill Twirlers and Hunters Bar
  • Pre-Convention GCA Caller School “Graduation” Dance – Friday 10 am – 12 noon
  • Sunrise & Sunset Fun Badge Tour Options – tickets still available for Sunrise FBT – see Tours page to reserve a ticket
  • Joshua Tree National Park all-day desert tour with dance tips at Pioneer Town, old west ghost town and movie set - Thursday
  • After-dancing, evening Piano Bar in the hotel lobby – Saturday, Sunday & Monday late nights
  • Evening poolside conversation fire pits – every evening
  • Contra Dance, featuring the Syncopaths (live band) with Andy Shore, Caller. This will be an “intro to contra” session. Contras use basic square dance calls and patterns in a short sequence that is taught by the caller in real time. Easy! Flirtatious! Fun!
  • Country-Western Hoedown Dance with DJ Bobby
  • Pub Crawl to local bars, with drink specials - Friday
  • Revised Honky Tonk Queen competition with Friday afternoon Poolside Competition and Saturday night finals
  • Hunky Trunks King competition—poolside on Sunday
  • Table and Board Games available each night in hotel lobby
  • Tours of Gay Icons of Palm Springs, Windmills & San Andreas Fault, Botanical Garden, Casinos, Modernism Architecture and more – see Tours page for more details on each of these tour options
  • Group Walks to see Thursday’s Palm Springs Village Fest Street Fair, and Tuesday’s Fourth of July fireworks

This page revised June 6, 2017