Sign Up to Volunteer at Palm Springs Swing & Mix


We gladly appreciate any offer of volunteering. To provide a comprehensive convention with all the features you are used to, and many refreshing new programming features, we need as many volunteers as possible on site and beforehand to step up and assist us. We love our volunteers!


Before you can access Palm Springs Swing & Mix volunteer shifts, you need to create a Login to, known going forward as Shiftboard.

PROCESS #1: Shiftboard has a process to invite REGISTERED conventioneers to create a Login to become volunteers. This is the process that MOST of you will use to create a Login.

  • All Registered Conventioneers will receive a Welcome E-mail with the subject:
    Welcome to Palm Springs Swing & Mix Volunteer Sign-up
  • This E-mail contains a link to go to Shiftboard and a temporary password. (To make it easier in the future. save the URL in your favorites/bookmarks).
  • Click on the link in the E-mail or use:
  • You will then change this temporary password to your own personal password.

Click HERE for a downloadable, printable document with these PROCESS #1 detailed instructions.

PROCESS #2: Shiftboard has an alternative process for community people, or anyone who did NOT register for convention, to sign up to volunteer. If you have NOT received the Welcome E-mail, are NOT registered for convention, and you want to sign up to volunteer, or received a general E-mail calling for volunteers that did NOT contain a temporary password, please follow the Process #2 Instructions.

Click HERE for a downloadable, printable document with these PROCESS #2 detailed instructions.

Whether using Process #1 for REGISTERED conventioneers, or Process #2 for friends and guests who are NOT registered for the convention, once you have created a Login, you just sign in periodically to Shiftboard for further interactions with Shiftboard, such as to sign up for new shifts, or to change your shifts.

Note: when talking about shiftboard, “registration” refers to a login to the app, not registering for the conference.
Once you have created your Shiftboard Login, adding and cancelling shifts is extremely quick and easy. Thank you for volunteering !

Volunteers are needed in the following categories: 

Registration – Thurs, Fri & Sat

  • Registration Packet preparation
  • Convention Greeters
  • Routers – provide directions at registration for merchandise pick up and registration packet pick-up
  • Registration Desk Support – help with Reg packets and help get people checked in
  • Concierge Desk – answer questions about what’s going on around Palm Springs
  • Advance Sales of Drink Tickets
  • Guidebook Smart Phone App – help people get signed up
  • Banquet and Brunch Table Assignments – help people find a table

Floor and Sound - Fri set up & Monday tear down

  • Floor Installation – help lay down the flooring 1-2 days before the convention
  • Floor Removal – floor removal immediately following Closing Ceremonies

Special Event Support – Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon

  • Contra Dance Coordinator – help the Contra Caller and band get set up and assist during the session
  • C&W Dance Coordinator – help the DJ get set up and assist during the session
  • Moonshine Session – assist the callers and help secure the room during the session
  • Pool Tips – assist the callers during one or more of these sessions
  • Poolside Tea Dances – assist the DJ during one or more of these sessions
  • “Tips at the Top” / Top of the Tram Dinner Dance – assist with getting conventioneers loaded on to the buses; assist with caller and sound equipment set up; round up dancers for the return trip
  • Thursday “Chill Out” Dance at Hunters / PS Village Fest Street Fair
  • Women’s Activity Support – assist with the set up and monitoring of the women’s hospitality room

Caller Support Positions – Sat, Sun & Mon

Be assigned a caller to help from room to room during the convention

Opening & Closing Ceremonies & Grand March – Sat & Mon

Assist with the dancers and callers during these sessions; handle the club signs

Honky Tonk Queen – Fri & Sat

Assist HTQ, Freeda Evryone at the poolside and evening HTQ festivities

Hunky Trunks King -- Sun

Assist Miss Belle Watling at the poolside; handle the participants and spectators

Banquet & Brunch – Sun & Mon

Assist with crowd control before and during the Banquet and Brunch

Meal Deal – Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon

Assist with ticket distribution and collection at Meal Deal locations

Fun Badge Tour(s) – Sun & Mon

Assist with bus operations, loading dancers, refreshments, scripting, caller support, sound transport, etc.

Photography – Sat, Sun & Mon

Assist the photographer with checking in clubs, and selling photos

Dance Hall Support – Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon

Check on water and cup supply, chairs; assist caller if needed

Vendor Support – Fri, Sat & Mon

Assist in managing the vendor room and vendors during set-up and tear-down

Merchandise Order Support – Fri

Assist with distribution of purchased merchandise items

Pub Crawl Monitors – Fri

Assist with bus route, getting dancers loaded on to the bus at each stop

Volunteer Support

Assist the volunteer coordinator in making sure that there is sufficient personnel for each activity

To sign up for any of the volunteer jobs mentioned above, follow the instructions above.
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This page revised June 12, 2017.